Your UNMC username should you already have it, is your means of access to the university computer network.

Decoding your UNMC UsernameEdit

As you have probably guessed your UNMC username as a meaning on to itself. The alphabets and numbers have certain meanings within them, they aren't random, but meaningful quips to identify. To properly identify the full name of a particular of username, you have a few options:

If you are an outsider, you may email student registry and request for a name look up, or otherwise, if you are a student, you may do a simple lookup using the check user function of your OWA. To do this, log on into OWA and then type a particular name into the address bar (the one with the to:) and resolve it using the the "check user" function. Additionaly you may click on the "to:" and search through the directory for names and emails of every affiliated member of the university.

Your username is made up of a combination of letters and numbers

The first 4 letters denote, campus and course, then the digits [1-2] denote year you enrolled. This is followed by 3 letters, the first 2 that are made up from your initials, and the final third being a random letter, which could come from any letter of your name, should there be a person with a similar name, typically its this letter that is different from that other.

Position Meanings

1st Letter

  • K - Kuala Lumpur Campus
  • E - Nottingham UK
2nd Letter
  • A - Arts
  • E - Engineering
  • S - Social Science
3rd Letter
  • E - Engineering
  • C - Engineering
  • D - Engineering
  • A - Business
  • B - School of Education
4th Letter
  • Y - Undergraduate
  • X - Postgraduate
  • Z - Staff
Numbers [1-2]
  • 1 - Enrol 2011/2010
  • 2 - Enrol 2012
  • 3 - Enrol 2013
  • 4 - Enrol 2014
  • 5 - Enrol 2015
  • 6 - Enrol 2016
  • 7 - Enrol 2017
  • 8 - Enrol 2018
  • 9 - Enrol 2019
5th letter Your first initials
6th letter Your Second initials
7th letter Random letter, most of time taken from your full name, could be the last letter of your name.

Example, if your username is KSAY5BBN

  • then, your name could be Benjamin Buntton, you are in Business School, you enrolled in 2015, class of 2018.

Common Usage of your UNMC UsernameEdit

Once you have completed this network registration you will then have with your UNMC username which you could use for a multitude of purposes. Mostly this is for access to many resources that you will need. Below are some of the more common uses: