Asking a girl out Edit

To begin the dating game, you must first ask her out. There are many approaches to do this.

For one, you can accept that its a numbers game, and simply ask as many girls you can possibly find, be fearless and do it without regard for your social reputation, or you could ask the ones you think whom you have a good chance of going out with you. But for you, I don't think its such a good idea for you- not immediately- anyways, for one you will get rejections, and rejections that come, will weigh heavy on you and make you feel worthless, however you will need to understand that being rejected happens all the time, and you could be rejected for a variety of reasons that are sometimes outside of your control. While, you could try and try again, your odds of acceptance would not necessarily change, and you would be in the same boat as when you started, unless you change, or something in her changes. There is a certain type of personality that attracts a certain type of women. Some general types of personality do tend to attract a wide variety of females. You probably don't have it.

For some asking a girl out comes naturally, and there is a reason for this, the behaviour you exhibit right now, is typically down to the way, you were brought up, of how you preceptive society behaves, of whom you choose to imitate. Human behaviour stems from our capacity to make sense of the world we see, like when we watch movies or people, we see what works for others and try replicate it for ourselves, and from here we also develop our expectations, in the same way how we develop the characteristics of the kind of girl we intend to sleep with. The same could be said about girls, they have expectations of how they want us to behave and act.

You will need further help, see the advanced dating guide which could help point you in the right direction, but sometimes you may need a dating coach like Alex "Hitch" Hitchens to help you. Typically a dating coach will give you the pointers that if you follow, will lead you closer to achieving your goals, and making you the person that you want to be, who knows someday you may be giving pointers to others yourself. Being social and a girl magnet is a learnable skill, but like any other skill, it takes dedication and effort to get you to the level you aspire to be.